FOSS – Friends of Sacred Structures

  • Sustaining Communities
  • Preserving History
  • Improving Lives

Mission: FOSS is dedicated to the preservation and renovation of religious structures that support vital neighborhood needs.

FOSS has served more than 170 sacred structures and community organizations since its incorporation as a not-for-profit in 1992. Get involved by Volunteering with FOSS, Contacting the Technical Services Team, Joining FOSS, or Donating. Thank you for your support!


2016 FOSS Board of Directors
  • Dorothy Reed, Board President
  • Dan Robeson, Vice President
  • Colby Jones, Treasurer
  • Selahattin Aydin
  • Jerry Bowman
  • Chris Larson
  • John McKeever
  • Mary Sheppard
  • Max Sherman
  • Joanie Shields
  • Tom Slezak
  • Fred Truog
  • Don Wigger
  • Mary Wiggins

If interested in joining the board, please contact Dan Robeson at 913.488.0233 and complete the FOSS Board Application here


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