Buy this beautiful book, and support FOSS!

A huge thanks to Bruce Mathews for generously donating a portion of the proceeds from his gorgeous new book to support FOSS!


Windows of Kansas City: As Art, History and Inspiration showcases unique and masterful works of art. The art is stained glass windows found in churches, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and homes in Kansas City and communities within an hour’s drive.  While the book features stunning photographs of the windows, it goes beyond to consider the stories behind them – who created them, to whom they were dedicated and the history of the buildings in which they are located.

Windows of Kansas City explores the qualities unattainable in any other medium. “The interplay of sunlight and glass magically changes with each cloud and ray of light. Depending upon the time of day, art glass windows reflect an enchanting variety of colors that enhance any building’s interior.” – Shirley Bush Helzberg

Words & Photos by Bruce Mathews – Foreword by Shirley Bush Helzberg

Hard Cover – Color – 11” x 9” – 224 pages – $27.95

A portion of the proceeds benefits FOSS – Friends of Sacred Structures

Kansas City Star Books   –   To buy your copy or for more information:


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