FOSS Project Recap: Calvary Community Outreach Network

This is the 501(c)3 not for profit arm of Calvary Temple Baptist Church located at 30th and Holmes in Kansas City, Missouri.  The church building was vacant in 1997 when FOSS provided the pastor with technical assistance to purchase it.  After its initial renovation, the congregation operated a day care center for 50 children.  In addition, the congregation operates a food pantry, provides utility assistance, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education Programs, conducts a Health Education Program, and operates a Freedom School Program for 100 children using college interns to staff and mentor younger children.  Recently, FOSS assisted with the purchase and the development of plans to renovate the building across the street for use as a Wellness and Fitness Center for the neighborhood.  Funds will help finance the renovation.  FOSS is seeking $370,540 to assist with this project (includes 3% operational expense).  The congregation committed $409,000 and FOSS has provided $24,680 professional and technical services at no cost.


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